Lang comes out of the hospital asking for a repair package, as it is essential to fix their heavily damaged automobile. Bogg provides Lang with a repair equipment right after he leaves the hospital. At the identical time, Sven is making an attempt out a BMX bike he discovered near the hospital however is interrupted by its proprietor, Tay Tay. While he tries do dismount the bike, Sven is by accident bulldozed by Bogg.

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Described as a person who looks like John Travolta with a tan, The Mouse states that the goal’s name is “Slim” . The Mouse can pay Sven $2000 to rob him and shake him up. Sven accepts the brand new “Hit” and The Mouse provides strict instruction to not speak to the goal underneath any circumstances. Arriving at a development site, they each exit the vehicle and Sven instructs The Mouse to ascend ladders to a higher platform. However, Sven realizes he did not quite assume his plan via when The Mouse reaches the highest and mentions he can kick Sven off once he reaches the highest as well.

Sven leaves in a rush and pursues Slim again to the flats where he proceeds to hop into the trunk of Slim’s automobile. Soon arriving at an undisclosed location within the hood, Slim meets with another particular person. Sven waits for the 2 to separate earlier than holding Slim at gunpoint; nonetheless, the individual Slim was simply with will get the bounce on Sven and holds him at gunpoint now robbing him of his gun and money.

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After they’re done with their actions at the Burger Shot, they hit the highway once more, but Tony crashes the automobile a number of time due to his accidents. They pull over at Benny’s Motor Works, where they are told by associates of Chain Gang that they will get a less expensive repair at another repair shop, Hayes Auto. They begin driving there, encountering Tay Tay and Bogg on the best way near the skate park. Tay Tay tells them to consult him in the event that they need to “donate titties” and Bogg reveals off his BMX expertise.

However, Molly isn’t fired as the choice has to be unanimous. Lang says that it was a home robbery, however reveals that Sven missed the opportunity as they’re a gaggle of four already. Sven does inform Lang about the house robbery he carried out with Speedy earlier and mentions their acquire.

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They arrive at Hayes Auto simply to find the place closed. They decide that since they are going to steal automobiles anyway, they don’t actually need a restore and that they will move on with the broken car. They cease by the Burger Shot, where Lang defecates on a table and Sven takes a photo of him in the motion. Lang then enters the kitchen and defecates on a counter. Sven tells him that he is taking a photo of this as well, however he truly finally ends up taking selfies. Tony by chance inserts his penis into fry oil and spends a while making an attempt to deal with the pain, however Sven does not appear to care. He then encounters Lang they usually have a conversations concerning the theft Lang carried the day past.

Without struggling any serious injury, Sven leaves with Lang to hijack a new car. Sven and Clayvon then discover that Tony was almost crushed by the car he tried to explode in an act of anger. They rapidly get him out of his position and heal him as Lang also arrives. Clayvon carries Tony into one of the vehicles they stole, and so they depart the shop at the same time with Sven and Lang who enter the damaged van and depart after one other explosion.

After this quick interplay, the gang strikes alongside and they come throughout a police automotive. Although the car is heavily broken, the officers don’t cost them and suffice with telling them to have it repaired.

They rob all three after which they run away from the convenience store with Molly on the steering wheel, with the cops behind them talking to 3 people, associated with The Families, for reported gunfire on the location. Upon exiting the hospital, Sven found himself going to the bank to withdraw money. After exiting the bank, Sven hears Lang and Tony drive by. They inform him that they thought he was dead, and inquire about what occurred to his face. Local bystanders could be heard commenting, “He seems like a mental asylum escapee”. Sven arrives at the local Burger Shot the place he encounters Molly on her shift – she was informed of his plan earlier and discusses intel with Sven earlier than he realizes Slim has clocked off work and exited the building.

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After departing, Molly receives a job in a rich part of the town. The three arrive in the basic vicinity of the house however start to come across difficulties in finding the right home. To make issues worse, police also arrive on scene and Sven flees into a nearby backyard and proceeds to urinate on the wall.

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Frustrated already from the bike theft, Sven yells at The Mouse to again away from the ladder earlier than he will get to the top; The Mouse complies and mentions he’s simply messing round. Sven reaches the top and proceeds to carry The Mouse at gunpoint and robs him of his gun and money. The Mouse mentions that he noticed Sven is danger taker, citing his willingness to let a witness see his crime of kidnapping. Upon completion of this “Hit”, The Mouse can pay Sven $10000. Sven receives his first robbery and robs a low income home for a number of gadgets.

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They resolve to plan a robbery collectively after the tsunami. Lang additionally informs Sven that he’s welcome to take a job on the Rooster if he wants cash. Sven also mentions that Bogg intends to do a robbery, and Lang replies by saying that he can be a part of them after the tsunami as properly. The Sushimoto crew informs Sven, Cassie, and Claire that the casino might be closed indefinitely, however that they may obtain their paychecks. Sun Moon explains that she had told him she was already employed but that there was a misunderstanding.

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Sven states this complete factor was a misunderstanding and betrays The Mouse offering up his name to Slim in trade for his freedom. To Sven’s shock, Slim has his associate return Sven’s gun and presents him $3000 if he brings The Mouse to him as a substitute. After driving round, Sven spots The Mouse strolling down the street and approaches him in a parking lot stating to The Mouse that he’s losing Sven’s time. The Mouse informs Sven that his intel was wrong, that this particular person is in witness safety however now has a new goal for him – a greased haired individual who works at Burger Shot.

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After ending his piss, Sven has difficulties locating his associates and receives a name from Molly who states that she’s at a special home now and that police are still within the space. Sven decides to take the van and has some difficulties parking at one other home throughout the road. After meeting up with Bogg, Sven notices the police departing the realm after making an apparent arrest. Sven attempts to do some parkour to return to the van but slips and finds himself trapped in between a building and a wall for a brief time period. After efficiently getting himself out of the trapped scenario, Sven meets along with his associates they usually proceed to sell their stolen items to the fence earlier than returning to the Rooster for the celebration. As they end up ready for a very long time with no outcomes, Sven decides that the theft will not be taking place that day.