Rendering is continuing to grow in popularity which has created more and more rendering companies.

Traditionally, render was sand and cement mixture plastered over concrete by Solid Plasterers. As demand grew, larger supply companies created scientifically tested pre-mixed bag products together with endurance additives to add to the sand and cement option. Bag products were more economical for smaller projects, but they still need a certain level of skill to end up with a good finish.

Not so long ago, it was considered fashionable to have swirls or ‘stipple’ texture finishes. In more recent times, the flat smooth look is what everybody is looking for. But that is not easy to attain without rendering experience

As more and more renderers put themselves out there to contract for your project, the risk of getting an inexperienced person (or company) is greatly increased. We have found that many of these ‘tradesmen’ have very little rendering experience and we have been called out to fix some real shockers.

Inexperienced renderers will quote you a low price (sometimes as low as $15 just to get the job. But it is often the case that they do not have the funds to buy quality materials and it is also common to see them with only a limited set of basic working tools. Also, because the price is so low, they are forced to scrimp on the amount of render product they can use resulting in a very sub-standard end product.

You can get experienced renderers with references for around $30 and if you are looking for the best tradesmen that you have to wait for weeks before they can start, you can expect to pay around $50 Those are for low set homes, if you have a two storey home it could be just slightly higher.

There are five main points to cover when looking to hire a renderer;

  1. What level of experience do they have
  2. What products and process do they use
  3. What styles do they offer
  4. Check their reputation by asking past clients
  5. Can they give you locations of previous jobs for you to view

But above all else, ask questions, keep your wits about you and if you are unsure or not comfortable … get someone else!

Originally posted 2016-05-21 06:46:55.