Regardless of the building size or how many levels, we have the experience and equipment to complete any project. For those higher ‘hard to reach’ regions, we make use of the Aerial Work Platform (cherry picker) ensuring we have easy access to complete the job perfectly. Balancing high on ladders is simply not an option because apart from the safety aspect, it is difficult to get wide sweeps when applying the render and as a subsequence, the render will show uneven finish and even poor adhesion.

We can apply render over most surfaces such as;

Brickwork: Two coat render onto existing brick homes

Painted brick: paint ‘scuff’ preparation followed by two coat system requiring 1st coat additives to ensure adhesion to paint

Green board: Acrylic render with fibreglass embedded mesh, finished with an acrylic texture

Blue board: Joint all edges with corners, patch joins with mesh tape, apply two coats of render

Hebel Blocks: Seal wall with Dulux Acrabond, followed by two coats of acrylic render

On all projects, total care and precaution is taken to protect surrounding grounds and vegetation. Once the job is completed we do a complete area clean-up so that after we have gone, apart from having a brand new building appearance, you will never know we were there.


It has been a growing trend over the past couple years or so to just render the front of your home (or commercial building). Many of the Gold Coast larger building companies are now doing this as part of the standard specs. For many home designs this idea really makes good sense. Because we all aim to have an outdoor entertaining/relaxing zone and leaving your walls in brick will actually give you more of a ‘feature wall’ appearance than the exterior rendered look.


We can discuss a regular service and maintenance contract in which we will give regular inspections of the render and repair any chips, cracks or sheet drops whilst we are there. This will retain the overall appearance of the building/s together with minimising any potential damage expansion.