Some older render jobs may be requiring minor repairs or even more recent jobs that had suffered impact damage and cracked or chipped.

It is far better to get onto any render repairs and maintenance as soon as possible to avoid moisture seeping in behind the render. You will also be susceptible to the exposed edges of the render weakening further resulting in a much larger area of damage.

In some cases, we also find rendering projects that have clearly not been applied by people with sufficient experience and who have just ‘plastered’ the render coat to the walls hoping it will stick. In many instances, the mix has been wrong and/or the base preparation has been minimal or even non-existent. End results in both of those scenarios is that the render will stick for a while, but eventually begin to drop off starting with just small pieces and in no time at all, your home will be in need of serious render repair.

We can repair any damage and paint match so that you would never know it was ever damaged. We will also check your entire render application and let you know if we suspect any other ‘weak’ zones.